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Thursday, 03 March 2011 18:21

Max Bupa Heartbeat Health Plan Review

Written by  Yashish Dahiya
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Max Bupa Heartbeat Review

Plan Name: Heartbeat
Insurer: Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited
Category: Health Insurance
Objective: Ensure good healthcare services of your preference

Major USP of Heartbeat:

  • Three variants – Silver, Gold, Platinum offer flexibility to customers. 
  • Heartbeat is the only health plan with Sum assured as high as Rs 50 lacs. 
  • Cover 13 relationships under single policy 
  • Out-patient benefits with Heartbeat Platinum 
  • Anyone can buy and heartbeat can be renewed lifelong

What benefits does Heartbeat offer?

In-patient: Heartbeat provides medical expenses incurred during hospitalization including pre and post hospitalization expenses, day care procedures, and domiciliary treatment. The Sum insured is dependent upon the plan type opted.

Health checkup: With heartbeat you are entitled to free health checkups every year or two depending upon plan opted.

Tax benefits: You can avail tax benefits under Section 80D to maximum amount of Rs 15,000. For senior citizens, the maximum amount is Rs 20,000.

Cumulative Bonus: If the policy is renewed without break, Max Bupa provides loyalty bonus upto 10% of renewal premium.

Lifelong Renewal: Heartbeat can be renewed lifelong subject to specified conditions.

Maternity Benefit: Heartbeat offers maternal benefits including pre natal and post natal expenses after waiting period of 2 years for family floater.

Newborn baby cover: Newborn babies are covered until the renewal of plan.

Vaccinations: Any vaccinations during the first year are also covered.

Max Bupa Variants:

There are few differences among the variants to offer customer variety of options. The premium does increment if you opt for more comprehensive coverage.


Heartbeat Silver: This is the basic plan that fulfills necessities. The Sum insured in Heartbeat Standard are Rs 2 lacs and Rs 3 lacs. This plan includes:

  • Shared room 
  • Maternity cover and newborn baby cover 
  • Health checkup once in every two years 
  • 24x7 health line is available for insured queries

Heartbeat Gold: This is the plan which provides more benefits to customer. The Sum insured in Heartbeat Exclusive is Rs 5, 7.5 and 10 lacs. This plan includes:

  • Single Private room 
  • Maternity cover and newborn baby cover 
  • Annual health checkup 
  • 24x7 health line is available for insured queries 
  • Relationship manager may be made available to insured to assist through the process.

Heartbeat Platinum: This is the plan with comprehensive coverage. The Sum insured in Heartbeat Premium for individual and family floater is Rs 15, 20, 50 lacs. This plan includes:

  • Single Private room (upgrade allowed if available) 
  • Maternity cover and newborn baby cover 
  • Health checkup for children till 12 years of age 
  • Annual health checkup 
  • Out-patient benefits covering specialist consultation and diagnostic tests 
  • 24x7 health line is available for insured queries 
  • Relationship manager may be made available to insured to assist through the process.

Second E-opinion is option with Heartbeat Platinum which entitles the policyholder in life threatening medical condition to ask for e-opinion.

What is not covered in Max Bupa Heartbeat?

Even though Heartbeat is comprehensive in nature, there are some exclusions which are:


Waiting Period

- Any illness diagnosed within 90 days of inception of policy is not covered, however accidental injuries will be covered

- The pre existing diseases will be covered after waiting period of 4 years

- For people aged above 60, two years waiting period on some conditions will apply

- For people aged above 65 years, 80% of expenses will be borned by Max Bupa

Permanent Exclusions

- Treatment for HIV, genetic disorders and related diseases

- Treatment for internal and external congenital diseases

- Non allopathic treatments

- Cosmetic treatments or plastic surgery

- Abuse of intoxicant things like alcohol or drugs

- Self inflicted injuries

- Mental Disorders

- Act of war, nuclear war or radiation

There are few more exclusion’s which can be verified from the policy document.

Who can buy Heartbeat?

Heartbeat can be bought by anyone and can be renewed lifelong provided it’s renewed without break.
Heartbeat is available for both individual and as family floater plan. Heartbeat Family first covers 13 relationships under same policy.

How much premium for Heartbeat?

For individual aged 30 years opting for Sum insured of Rs 3 lacs, the premium for Heartbeat Silver is Rs 4072/- including taxes. To calculate your premium visit Policybazaar.

Policybazaar view on Max Bupa Heartbeat:

Max Bupa has been focusing on customers’ requirements and hence the option of covering 13 relationships under same policy. Heartbeat is the only health policy which provides sum insured of Rs 50 lacs. Max Bupa deals directly with customers i.e. no TPA’s are involved. The exclusion involved in heartbeat are less, moreover all day care procedures are covered. 


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  • Comment Link Pradeep Sharma Thursday, 21 April 2011 15:10 posted by Pradeep Sharma

    All the other things are ok but about Maternity Benefit it is covered after 2 years with family floator plan, it is not available in Individual policy and 6 yrs and 4 yrs waiting period is not there with Max Bupa.
    Please correct this post...

  • Comment Link Administrator Thursday, 21 April 2011 18:32 posted by Administrator

    Our sincere thanks to your feedback and we have made the necessary changes.

  • Comment Link dstalwar Sunday, 06 November 2011 19:06 posted by dstalwar

    My friend has a gold policy. Wanted to find if Myomectomy (removal of fibroid) & HIFU( High intensity focussed ultasound )for fibroid removal covered. The person at the call centre had no information.

  • Comment Link Administrator Tuesday, 08 November 2011 18:36 posted by Administrator

    Dear dstalwar

    You can email at the following address to clarify your doubt- customercare@maxbupa.com

  • Comment Link Shanti Tuesday, 22 November 2011 10:49 posted by Shanti

    Is there any Loading on claims on next renewal?

  • Comment Link sahima Wednesday, 19 December 2012 17:00 posted by sahima

    no there is no loading charges in max bupa...it is one of the best health insurance company in the market

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