Knowledge Base Life Insurance Investment / Pension SBI Life Unit Plus Super Review
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 18:33

SBI Life Unit Plus Super Review

Written by  Yashish Dahiya
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SBI Life Unit Plus Super Review 

Plan Name: Unit Plus Super

Insurer: SBI Life Insurance Company Limited

Category: Unit Linked Insurance Plan

Objective: Financial protection of family and good return on investment

SBI Life Unit Plus Super Plan is a Type I ULIP which means that under the death clause, you are entitled to either Sum Assured or Fund Value whichever is higher. The minimum death benefit would be 105% of all premiums paid.

Benefits of SBI Life Unit Plus Super 

Maturity: The fund value as on maturity date will be provided to you.

Guaranteed Additions: A specified % of annual premium amount is added to the fund value every 5 years from 10th policy year onwards.

Flexible Sum Assured: You can increase or decrease the life cover as per your requirements.

Settlement Option: Instead of lump sum amount on maturity, you can choose to receive the amount in installments over the next few years.

Riders: The riders pay additional amount on occurrence of an eventuality. You can opt for Criti Care 13, Accidental Death Benefit, Premium Payor and Income Sustainer rider with the plan.

Eligibility for SBI Life Unit Plus Super 

Minimum Entry Age: 7 Years

Maximum Entry Age: 65 Years

Maximum Age at Maturity: 75 Years

Policy Term: 5, 10, 15 to 30 Years

Premium Paying Term: 5/8/10 Years, Policy Term

Minimum Premium: Rs 30,000 Annual Mode

Returns in SBI Life Unit Plus Super 

Any ULIP’s performance is directly dependent on the performance of the fund which in turn depends upon equity and debt market. If the market is rising, it will automatically reflect on your returns.

SBI Life has nine funds available ranging from conservative to aggressive. If you have higher risk appetite and are for long term you can opt for aggressive fund. On the other hand, if you have limited investment period, you should go for conservative fund.

In a typical scenario, you will be able to get at least 10% return on investment. The investment risk is borne by the policyholder.

What charges does SBI Life Unit Plus Super deduct and how much? 

The premium amount paid by you is not invested directly. Initially, some charges are deducted and then units of the fund are bought. The rest of charges are deducted by cancellation of the units.

Premium Allocation Charges: These charges are deducted as percentage of premium. Insurer deducts these charges on account of expenses incurred by the company – medical examination, policy issuance, underwriting bills. Premium allocation charges vary from 3% to 9% of annual premium.

Fund Management Charge: Charge ranging from 0.25% to 1.35% is deducted from the units for fund management.

Policy Administration Charge: These are monthly deductions which start from first month and are for maintaining the policy- paperwork, work force etc.  The policy administration charge is INR 60 from the sixth year onwards.


Mortality Charge: These are charges deducted as a part of life cover provided and are recovered through cancellation of units.

Other Charges: There are charges for switches, partial withdrawal after the limited free number have been utilized.

Are there any tax benefits? 

Under Section 80C you can avail tax benefit, yearly premium (not more than 1lac) will be deducted from taxable income.

Under Section 10(10D) death claim is completely tax free.


What else should I know about? 

Top-Up premium: Not available


Switch: Switch is made to transfer the fund value from one fund to another. You can make two free switches per year.


Partial Withdrawal: If policyholder is above 18 years partial withdrawal can be made and the minimum amount is Rs 5,000. One free partial withdrawal can be made per year.


Grace period: Unit Plus Super can be renewed within 30 days from the premium due date. Additional 30 days are given after notice has been sent to revive or discontinue the policy.


What to do?

To Cancel Policy: Unit Plus Super plan can be cancelled within 15 days of receiving the policy contract. A written application can be submitted to any branch for the same. The premium will be paid back minus some charges like stamp duty, medical reports.


If you want to cancel policy after the initial period of 15 days, you can do it but the amount will be paid only after lock in period years. If you cancel policy within 5 years from inception, the amount will grow at interest rate of 3.5% compounded annually. After five years, if you cancel the policy, there will be no cancellation charges and amount will be paid immediately.


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