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Protect your Home against Burglary – 12 Smart Tips

Written by  Yashish Dahiya
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Protect your Home against Burglary – 12 Smart Tips

 A wise man once quoted, ‘A man's house is his castle’. So rightly said; a man loves his home and can go to any measure to protect it.

Home Insurance provides coverage for the loss or damage to your personal property and possessions against natural and man-made calamities. Though, there’s nothing much you can do about nature’s fury but you sure can make your home resistant to bad intents of outsiders. The threat of theft is the most common among homeowners and for the right reasons, as burglary is the leading cause of making home insurance claims.

Make sure your home insurance protects your home against burglary. If not, opt for a comprehensive plan that includes a decent burglary coverage. A home insurance is supposed to make up for the loss in case of a mishap but what’s better is when you do not have to file a claim at all.

Here are a few simple yet powerful ways to protect your home against burglary and home breaking.


  • Start with the most obvious, install a burglar alarm. A burglar alarm is a security device designed to detect and prevent an unauthorized intrusion into your area.
  • Get approved locks for all your doors, front and back. Experts recommend getting your doors fitted with sturdy deadbolt locks.
  • The second most obvious entry for a burglar, after a door, is your window. Locking your windows is as imperative to safeguard your home as locking your doors. For transparent window panes, pull in thick shades and curtains over them.
  • Be wary of letting in strangers especially when you are alone. Get a security peephole installed in the main door. If it’s a salesman, ask for his identity card.
  • Deposit jewelry and other valuables at bank safe deposits.
  • Books, manuscripts and official documents, are the common exclusions in a typical home insurance. Better be proactive and have back-ups of documents/manuscripts and keep them at bank safe deposits.
  • Educate your children. If you have to travel frequently and leave your children alone at home, get them acquainted with the few basic do’s and don’ts, in case a break-in happens, like making them learn the emergency numbers.
  • If you had to leave your home for days, avoid giving away signs that your home is unoccupied. It’s not rocket science; all it needs you is to be a little logical. Never leave a specific voicemail like ‘I am off to Goa for 4 days, leave your message.’ Rather, keep it simple and more general like ‘I am not here right now, leave your message.’ Consider getting timer lights for your home. Treat it like a game of disguise. You have to keep playing, making the outsiders seem like you are present. If they get to know ‘nobody’s home’, you lose.
  • Never ever drum your whereabouts on social media platforms. You can always update your status after you get home from your expedition rather than when leaving for it. Consider putting a tweet ‘Back from Goa and lovin it!’ rather than ‘Off to Goa and lovin it!’
  • Motor vehicles are excluded from a home insurance. So, keeping your garage safe is as important as your home. Get your cars fitted with anti-theft devices.
  • Each and every time you hire a servant/driver/domestic helper, do a thorough background check on him/her.
  • The last and probably the best way to keep a check on your property while you’re off, is simply to ask your neighbor, a trusted one, to do that for you.


Might we add, getting your home installed with security systems lowers your premium too. Further, these safety measures thin out your chance of having to file a claim. Eventually, you are saved from all the probable hassles.

Getting your belongings stolen from your very home is a painful experience. It is always better to be prepared than being victimized. Taking up these smart ways can go a long way to keep your home safe from mishaps.

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